Hotel Café Günter in the Black Forest

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Freudenstadt in the Black Forest

Market SquareSet in the midst of the Black Forest lies the Kneipp/climatic therapy resort of Freudenstadt with its wide range of holidays for young and old, for sports enthusiasts and for guests who just intend to switch off for a while. Freudenstadt was founded in 1599 and built in the late Renaissance style by Heinrich Schickhardt. Schickhardt, also referred to as "Swabia's Leonardo da Vinci" was the architectural planner employed by Duke Friedrich I, whose intention was to build a palace in the center of Freudenstadt. However, the sudden death of the Duke meant that the plans were abandoned. This is why Freudenstadt can boast Germany's largest market square entirely surrounded by buildings and which, as the central point in the city, serves as a venue for numerous events and simply invites our guests to dally a while.

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Cycling in spring, golfing in summer, hiking in autumn, skiing in winter or simply "pure relaxation" - the possibilities are endless in Freudenstadt. A diverse range of leisure activities and places to go for the whole family round off the possibilities and turn every stay into an experience.

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